Wichita, we are GREAT in so many ways! We are GREAT at showing up to events. We are GREAT at browsing local. We rally BIG around local causes.

Let’s take a next step in our support of small local shops, makers, restaurants, & farmers.

Commit to #BuyICT for the month of July — making all your shopping purchases from locally-owned small businesses!

Sounds too scary? Can you commit ONE area of life? For example, clothing or food or gifts?

Try our new Bingo card and find new local businesses you may have missed. Sign up at the BuyICT Market kickoff event on Friday, June 25. Details here.

Everyone can do something. And we’re here to support you!

Join the facebook group and let’s do this together. #BuyICT2021.

Thanks to JP Weigand, our Presenting Sponsor, for supporting this local effort!!

How it Works

Directory: Local Small Business Listing

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